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Sifuna asks Ruto to create conducive political environment for the opposition

Edwin Sifuna, the Secretary General Azimio la Umoja has asked President William Ruto to create a conducive environment for the opposition leaders.

Mr Sifuna’s latest remarks after he claimed he did not receive an invitation when President Ruto visited Mukuru kwa Njenga where he was presiding over the ground-breaking for affordable housing project.

Speaking during an interview, Sifuna said that he and other opposition leaders could not be present at President Ruto’s events minus an invitation letter.

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“There is still a hostile stance from the public pronouncement by the president and especially by the deputy president. We in the opposition who don’t support UDA, who didn’t support or vote for this president, we just don’t know what to do,” Sifuna explained.

Sifuna said the leadership of any country sets the tone of how people can move on, adding that the constant reminder of opposition leaders of their place is not helpful.

“If anytime the president keeps reminding those of us that did not support him that he is here now, he is the king despite and in spite of our intentions and wishes, we are not going to be comfortable being around him,” he said.

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The senator recalled President Ruto’s first address in the 13 Parliament, when the head of state talked about how during the last election, the sitting Deputy President became the candidate of the opposition and the leader of opposition became the candidate of government.

Sifuna noted that those were happenings of the past and what is needed is a change of attitude.

“Let the president realize that the question of his victory is still contested in many people’s hearts including my own. Let him realize that this victory of his, because it was such a close margin, there are very many people who are still hurting.”

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