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Sifuna beats Miguna into submission with ‘chips-kuku’ revelation

The daylong tweef between Miguna Miguna and Edwin Sifuna ended dramatically after the latter’s decisive blow revealed how the exiled lawyer asked for chips and chicken while in police cells.

Sifuna, who had stopped tweeting for some hours, came back with the revelation that not only did he represent Miguna in court but he also bought him chips and chicken while in police custody.

The self-declared NRM general had claimed that Sifuna was unable to secure his release from Lari Police Station where he said he was detained in inhumane conditions.



Miguna unleashes hellfire and brimstone in ugly tweef with Sifuna

Sifuna went to ask the fiery lawyer what kind of detention that was, as he had him bring a mattress, a mosquito net, a blanket and chips and chicken.

It was that revelation that compelled Miguna to ‘surrender’ and promptly tweet that he wouldn’t engage Sifuna anymore, albeit for the third time since their tweef started.


He however made a quick comeback to define the word detention for Sifuna to which the ODM secretary general remarked that Miguna’s experience was a picnic and not detention.

Tweeps cheered the two on, commenting about the chips kuku revelation;

@Khasoa replied, “Mimi pia nataka Chips na Kuku… tena za mcfrys ?.”

@joab_lover added, “????? niokotwe githunguri police station ???? Miguna alikuwa analilia chips na kuku.”

@charlesngano questioned, “I thought he did not have food for days, the closest was the fish at container deport which he did not get to eat. Do we have a revolution leader here?”

@davidtheaka added, “I saw @MigunaMiguna  in that JKIA cell complaining. That cell was more of a Roysambu bedsitter. You can’t compare that with the Nyayo house detention cells back in the days.”

@Mussao27Omar stated, “Chips Kuku Revolution.”