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Sifuna, Khalwale trade insults in renewed political hostility

By PETER MBURU November 27th, 2018 1 min read

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General Edwin Sifuna and former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale on Tuesday exchanged unkind words as they argued over political influence in the western region, in a rant that excited many Kenyans.

Dr Khalwale launched the first attack on Mr Sifuna during NTV’s AM Live show, when he referred to the lawyer as ‘a nobody in Kenyan politics’.

“Edwin Sifuna is a nobody in the politics of this country! He is nothing! He has contested in Bungoma, in Kanduyi constituency, and he has not been able to go beyond nominations,” Khalwale said.


But in a swift rejoinder, Mr Sifuna took to his Twitter account, rubbishing Dr Khalwale’s statement and calling him a political slay queen whose aim is just to milk his ‘political sponsor’.

“At the end of the day these FK (Ford Kenya) slay queens know what they must do before the sponsor resumes funding for their lifestyles. Endeleeni kuongea tu @KBonimtetezi. Pesa ni mimi niko nayo,” Mr Sifuna wrote on his Twitter.

The exchange attracted excitement on the social media, as the two sons of Mulembe nation traded insults.


In the court of public opinion court, Mr Sifuna appeared to have won against Dr Khalwale, whom many faulted for having changed to become Deputy President William Ruto’s ‘sponsee’.

“Kaa ngumu na hiyo pesa, waende kwa high priest of corruption awapee pesa,” said Alison_James.

“So Bonny Khalwale is now a slayqueen?????,” stated Aron Akech.

“The bullfighter must always attack anybody politically to remain relevant,” Alkadot wrote.