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Sakaja, Sifuna light up senatorial debate

Nairobi senatorial candidate Edwin Sifuna gave his opponent Johnson Sakaja a hard tackle during the Friday debate accusing him of wanting to scrap the senate.

Sifuna said Sakaja was part of a committee in parliament that recommended that the senate be scrapped.

Sakaja, in a quick rejoinder, stated that he was not part of the committee mentioned by Sifuna, adding that research before such debates is important.

“We have seen an assault on the senate coming from the National Assembly and in fact when you shot the question to the only member of the National Assembly on the stage today he would explain to you because I’m aware that it is the budget and appropriation committee of the National Assembly on which he is a member that passed a resolution to scrap the senate. In their argument it was too expensive to maintain the senate, so he is running for a seat he wanted to be scrapped,” said Sifuna.

Sakaja took a swipe at his opponent’s preparedness for the debate.

“First of all allow me to correct Mr Sifuna, I think research is very important before coming for such debates. I’m not a member of the Budget Committee, I’m a member of the Finance and Planning Committee,” said Sakaja.


Asked if he thinks the senate is expensive to maintain Sakaja said, “I don’t think it’s an expensive thing to have I agree with SRC in rationalizing the salaries of all office holders but I think democracy is necessary and we must be able to stand and protect the devolution we have and the democracy of this country.”

The two candidates alongside Gorasia Rameshchandra, Lengewa Suzanne Silanto, Matayo Zachariah Momanyi, Nthumbi Dennis Ndwiga, and Wamagata John were in a live debate hosted by NTV on Friday night.

During the one hour debate each candidate outlined their plan if elected senator with Ms Lengewa emphasizing on the need for oversight that made her decide to run for office.

Mr Gorasia, who owns the Taj Mall shopping complex, said as a senator he will be able to guide devolution and ensure every amount allocated to counties goes towards projects that benefit the common wananchi.

Mr Wamagata said he would be better placed to fight corruption from inside the senate as he has been fighting the vice from outside while leading the “Operation Ondoa Panya.”

Mr Momanyi excited the audience when he blamed corruption on the failure of the Director of Public Prosecution saying “He has never even prosecuted a house fly.”

Mr Nthumbi on his part said he is the right man to for the position due to his expertise in security that he will use to defend devolution by ensuring local development in the county and strengthening national unity.