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Sigma Supplies now takes the chicken route

Kitengela-based firm Sigma Supplies has introduced chicken to its business portfolio.

Established companies like Kenchic are bound to feel the heat of this new competition.

Roni Karina, manager of Sigma Supplies, says Isinya Chicken’s launch comes with the projection that domestic per capita consumption of chicken will increase exponentially as consumers’ preference shifts from beef, mutton and other red meat.

Medical research has linked diseases like cancer, heart ailments, gout and high blood pressure to red meat.

The Isinya product will be sold as cut-ups and dressed chicken.

“The discerning customer preferences are now opening new markets for value-adds products, especially various types of cut ups,” says Karina.

The firm has invested in modern machinery to help process 1,500 birds per hour.

The hatchery can produce 200,000 day-old chicks, both broilers and layers in a week besides producing 100,000 eggs daily.

“Through the already established links and contractual relationships with all major supermarkets and retail outlets in the country, Sigma will ensure constant supply of Isinya Chicken,” says Karina.

Sigma Supplies is mostly known for manufacture of many types of animal feeds. It manufactures 120 tonnes of animal feeds per day. The feeds are supplied throughout east and central Africa.

The firm is also involved in supply of poultry equipment. The company began in 1984 when its production capacity was 2,000 day-old chicks daily. It has grown to occupy a 147-acre farm in Kitengela.