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Sign language interpreter steals the shine from Uhuru’s speech – VIDEO

March 5th, 2019 1 min read

A sign language interpreter translating President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech at the Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga impressed the online community her energetic and emotional gestures .

The young woman accompanied her translations with facial gestures that left no doubt of her passion to relay the president’s message to those with hearing impairments.

During the president’s off the cuff remarks in Swahili, interpreter at some point took up similar facial expressions like the president.

Netizens were divided. Some focused on her striking looks while others praised her for a job well-done.

Jackombi Ombi said; “Hey!! The sign interpreter lady!!!! I dint know sign language is this romantic!”

Jones Bosire wrote; “Sign Language interpreter kindly see me after the meeting I have something for you.”

Jiffy Mathesh remarked; “The sign language interpreter ..shes cute.”

Purity Kanake commented; “She is interpreting hadi feeling her.”

Gracie Moseka wrote; “The sign language interpreter is quite good.”

Wankio Dee said; “she is hilarious… Signs complete with facial expressions. She even laughs when Uhuru does. Lol.”

Nash Renee said “She is really good, she actually made that speech interesting.”