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Five signs that we all ignored on Eunice Njeri’s marriage

As the news of gospel artiste Eunice Njeri’s marriage to rapper Isaac Bukasa that ended on the wedding day broke on Wednesday, a spot check into the last two months has revealed the tell tale signs that many ignored.

1. Initial cancellation of the wedding

A message had been circulated to friends during the week before the wedding that there would be no ceremony at Neema Gospel Church that Saturday.

Despite the initial cancellation, the wedding proceeded with even some friends missing out as it was never communicated that the ceremony would go on as planned.

2. Wedding ring

During Ms Njeri’s performance at the Nakuru Groove Party on December 31, her wedding ring was missing on her ring finger.

The singer led the crowd in worship and as she kept raising her left hand one could see she no longer spotted her wedding or even engagement ring.

3. Stiffness during wedding dance

A video of Ms Njeri and her newly wedded rapper husband Mr Bukasa dancing to Mugithi emerged online revealing a not-so-excited Ms Njeri.

The Nimekubali singer moved to the popular Kikuyu wedding songs with a lot of stiffness despite her being a gifted dancer as displayed in her gospel videos.

And while Mr Bukasa kept smiling at the guests, the bride rarely smiled during the entire dance.

4. Sharing of photos online

The two never shared photos of the wedding even months after it was long past, never mind that Mr Bukasa even had the time to post a wedding photo of his colleague Benanchi when he wedded a month after their wedding.

The photos used online to congratulate the couple were from family and friends who shared moments of the Texas church wedding.

This even as Ms Njeri was the one who broke her engagement news online with a photo of the ring, it was peculiar how she never shared her wedding photos.

5. Media interviews

Ms Njeri shied away from all media interviews after her wedding. Any enquiries were quietly turned down as she even ignored this publication’s messages.