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Sijarambwa! Bahaa’s baby mama Georgina Njenga reacts to break-up rumors

Former Machachari actor Bahaa has recently gained significant attention owing to an online allegation he scammed Nurse Judy, a Kenyan residing in the United States.

Nurse Judy shared screenshots of her conversation with Bahaa, where he purportedly borrowed money from her, citing financial difficulties.

Baha urgently requested for $450 to cover the house rent, saying he was awaiting payment for a corporate job he had completed.

In response, Nurse Judy offered to send him $150, according to the screenshots she shared on her Insta stories.

However, Baha persistently pestered her for more money, prompting her to question the authenticity of his claims.

To verify the situation, Nurse Judy contacted Georgina, who denied all of Baha’s allegations.

Furthermore, fans noticed that Georgina Njenga, the wife of actor Tyler Mbaya, had unfollowed Bahaa on social media, leading to speculation that their relationship might be going through a rough patch.

Responding to the situation, Georgina took to her social media platform on June 3, 2023 stating;

“Najua mnangojaga sana mapenzi yanirambe. Najua.” (I am well aware that many of you are eagerly waiting for love to fail. I know).

According to Nurse Judy, Georgina allegedly revealed to her that Baha frequent requests money from people to support his gambling addiction.

“However, our home expenses are fully covered by Georgina. That’s what she disclosed to me.

She told me that if he ever asks you for money, it’s not for the benefit of our family, but solely for his personal use,” Judy claimed.

Baha, on his part, made an announcement on his Instagram that he intends to sell his social media accounts.

With an impressive following of 760k on Instagram, he candidly acknowledged that he was going through a difficult time.

“I’m not okay at the moment, but I’m working on it.”

Nairobi News’ persistent attempts to reach out to the couple have yielded no success.

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