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Sijawaangusha! ‘Polygamy advocate’ Steven Letoo speaks after wedding

Citizen TV journalist Steven Letoo has responded to the overwhelming feedback from his followers regarding marriage.

This is considering his outspoken support for polygamous unions on social media and mainstream platforms.

Despite his advocacy for polygamy, Letoo and his long-term partner, Irene Renoi, celebrated their union in a vibrant public wedding at Ole Ntimama Stadium in Narok County on Saturday, April 20.

During a recent interview, Letoo said:

“It’s true, I’m 100 per cent polygamous. At the moment, I haven’t decided where to stop; I keep adding. The dowry keeps increasing…,” Letoo said.

The journalist’s wedding sparked a variety of reactions from netizens, with some feeling betrayed by his decision to embrace monogamy after his public stance on polygamy.

Hon Ole Malit Moses: Hot air…Kumbe Chairman Stephen Letoo was just misleading men… Polygamy iko wapi.You have let us down.

SHAFFIE ZELE: Wewe bana Unatudanganya kumbe unaenda Kuoa Bibi mmoja, Usiwahi kanyaga Mkutano yetu Tena.

John Raju: I expected seven wives to be married today as you are the chairman of polygamous kumbe ni chocha

Edwin S Nditah: But I expected polygamous wedding today, what really happened?

R-icious Errands: Ati naskia ni kuhubiri maji na kunywa wine.

Ole Butu: Clarify to the public the real definition of the word polygamous,, congratulations in advance Mr Chairman.

Luckyboy Mkamba: Letoo akitaja polygamy tena awekwe cell. We can’t take this lightly. 

Nairobi News contacted Letoo for a comment on the public’s reaction to his wedding.

He responded briefly, saying: “There’s more to the Men’s Conference than just polygamy,” Letoo shared with Nairobi News.

Prior to their grand public wedding, Letoo and Irene Renoi had a traditional ceremony in Kilgoris, which included the significant cultural tradition of dowry payment.

The joyous occasion was attended by a multitude of renowned media personalities and Letoo’s colleagues, including MC and comedian Oga Obinna, Citizen TV’s Editorial Director Linus Kaikai, news anchor Swaleh Mdoe, Kennedy Mureithi (the best man), Chemutai Goin, Ben Kirui, Melita Ole Tenges, Brian Muchiri, Makori Ongechi, and many others.