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Silent Uhuru awaits retirement perks

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta has been under sharp criticism by a section of Kenya Kwanza leaders and politicians, accusing him of being the financier of the Azimio weekly protests.

Led by National Assembly majority leader Kimani Ichungwa, they have condemned Mr Kenyatta and instead called on him to come out and declare his stand on the Raila Odinga-led protests.

The former head of state, nevertheless, has remained silent even after his family farm was on Monday, March 27, 2023, invaded by a group of goons.

Northlands City, the Gatongora ward, Ruiru based farm, in an act was seen as a retaliation to Azimio demonstrations, suspects made away with sheep and a section of ranch trees were cut down and destroyed.

Ichungwa has since distanced himself from the invasion, though, standing firm with allegations – Uhuru is the financier of the procession.

The Kikuyu Member of Parliament has instead urged Odinga to sue him, by taking him to court so that he tables evidence.

“I said it in Kirinyaga and I will still repeat the same thing; Uhuru Kenyatta is the financier of what we are seeing – Azimio demonstrations. There is credible evidence he is the financier. Raila can take me to court and I will table the evidence,” Ichungwa said in a recent interview with Citizen TV.

Having led Kenya for 10 years, 2013 – 2022, Kenyatta is entitled to hefty retirement packages offered to the former head of states, as well as their vice/deputies.

The 2010 promulgated Constitution, has also stipulated that the former Prime Minister is eligible to the privileges.

Early this year, Treasury allocated Kenyatta Sh678.57 million as his pension and retirement perks for the year to June.

The allocation includes a fully furnished office, limousines and salaries for scores of aides.

It is contained in President William Ruto’s first supplementary budget, which has seen the new administration twist its spending and budget deficit estimates for the current fiscal year.

Of the allocation, Sh655.32 million was set aside for his office while Sh23.47 million is said to be his pension, which is equivalent to Sh1.95 million monthly pay.

The privileges are also enshrined in the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act of 2013, that an outgoing President is entitled to a lump sum payment on retirement which is calculated as a sum equal to one year’s salary for each term served as President.

Mr Kenyatta’s monthly pension consists of Sh216, 563 fuel allowance, Sh332, 062 house, entertainment Sh216, 562 and an additional Sh332, 062 to cater for his monthly electricity, telephone and water bills.

Apart from being issued with four cars, including two limousines of his choice, which are replaceable after every four years, the former head of state is entitled to two personal assistants, four secretaries, four messengers, four drivers, and adequate security at his urban and rural residences.

The Internal Cabinet Secretary is tasked to certify security officers from time to time.

Kenyatta also enjoys the privileges of having cooks, housekeepers, gardeners, laundry persons and house cleaners, all paid through the former head of state’s pension scheme. ​
The former president will only access this perks when he officially quits politics. He is the current chairman of Azimio.

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