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Simon Kabu admits to having a daughter with another woman

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu has admitted to having a 24-year-old daughter with another woman.

Kabu revealed the information during a Q&A session with his followers on Instagram on Tuesday evening.

The follower asked,” is it true you have a 24-year-old daughter, and you have been hiding her from Sarah?”

To which he responded, “Hapo Kwa hiding Apana but yuko.”

His confession comes just days after his wife and the mother of his two children Sarah Kabu spoke of their troubled marriage.

The two have been couple goals on social media, and the revelation by Sarah caught many by surprise.

Sarah shared a post on her WhatsApp status saying she had called it quits in her marriage and accused her estranged husband of keeping their children away from her.

“For those who may not understand am done and dusted with him and thus why he took off with my kids under the care of one of his bastards,” a screenshot quoted by Mpasho reads.

She added, “…how can you be forced to be in a toxic marriage because we are couple goals and to protect our business and its dependents at the cost of my life? God have mercy on those kids, I seriously need help, my friends!”

During the Q&A, Kabu also answered a follower who asked if he had a side chick, “Wewe! Apana. Happily married to one wife.”

The Kabu’s are renowned through their international brand Bonfire Adventures, a tour, and travel company that has scaled through the global markets.

The two have never shied away from expressing their love for one another and have often advised young couples to stay together and build family wealth.