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Simon Kabu rubbishes divorce claims

Simon Kabu has dismissed rumours of a breakdown in his relationship with his wife Sarah.

The businessman, who owns Bonfire Adventures, spoke in an online interview for the first time since he was reported to have parted ways with his wife.

But Kabu insists the couple are doing ‘just fine’ and has urged the public to ignore what he describes as misleading information.

“Don’t listen to the rumors being spread. Sara and I are doing just fine,” he said.

Kabu’s sentiments come a month after his wife shared a cryptic message on social media suggesting all was not well.

She among other things suggested she was leaving in a toxic marriage, adding her kids had forcefully been taken away from her by her husband while pleading for help.

And in an interview with Tina Lewis, Mrs Kabu admitted her marriage had reached a point where she was contemplating separation and discussions were already ongoing at the time.

“We have been discussing separation because I have been telling him I’m not so comfortable in this marriage and I’m tired of faking and we are in discussions. I wanted a peaceful separation and even co-parenting,” she opened up.

“I told him I will be moving out… just to calm and relax and take a breather. That day I slept at Trade Mark Hotel and the next day when I came home he had organized and picked up the kids and went to Amboseli without my knowledge. He did not go with any of my nannies and one thing I believe is that they have a right to privacy,” she lamented.

The businesswoman further remarked she was tired of living a fake life on social media whereas her marriage was the opposite of what she was flaunting to the public.

“It reached a point I said I don’t want to live a fake life anymore. I will live the real me and who I am. Sometimes I see people are getting inspired by me and yet I’m just showing the good part, they have not seen the bad part.”

Mrs Kabu further stated the biggest obstacle in their marriage has been interference from Kabu’s baby mamas and kids. She also mentioned the act of Simon going to Amboseli with their young kids without her consent, escalated to a point they had to involve the police.

However, barely a day later, Mrs Kabu took it to social media to apologize to her husband for airing issues concerning their troubled marriage in public. In a statement issued via her Insta-stories, Sarah said that she regretted washing their dirty linen in public, asking her husband for forgiveness.

She went on to denounce her earlier statements, saying all is well in their marriage and they will be sorting out their differences off-social media.

“Sorry, my family. When I was in distress I said things that I should not have said online and thus misleading. Life is a lesson and we learn every day. Forgive me, Simon. Let’s sort our issues offline. All is well. Please keeps us in your prayers,” read the statement from Sarah Kabu.

There have been reports the couple was chasing clout at the time in a bid to improve sales in their tours and travel business. Sa