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Simple Boy: I’m glad I drilled a borehole for my mom before I went broke

Stivo Simple Boy shares that despite facing financial challenges, he takes pride in the fact that he achieved something significant – building a house for his mother and providing a borehole in their village.

The 32-year-old ‘Mihadarati’ hit-maker has been making waves in the showbiz industry that have had him land a couple of endorsement deals.

However, Stivo now says he has no money left and blames his past management teams for his losses.

“I put so much trust on my past management teams and they became my downfall. I’m broke at the moment and I blame these management teams because I came to realize later that they were entering in to certain deals I was never made aware of swindling me off a lot of money,” Stivo confesses.

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But even though he is hurt and broken by the turn of events in his promising music career, Stivo is proud of what he has achieved so far.

“Regardless I am contented with whatever I have been able to achieve with proceeds from my music, atleast I was able to build my mother a house and drill her a borehole back in the village in Oyugis,” he said.

For now, Stivo has embarked on a fresh journey launching a new YouTube channel after claiming that his former manager Vega denied him loggings to his original account that bears most of his music projects.

Stivo had a bitter fallout with his ex-manager, Vaga, whom he accused of reneging on the working contract they had signed between them.

Vaga however, denied the claims stating that Stivo’s contract with him had been terminated, promising to hand over his log ings for his online assets.

But according to Stivo, Vaga demanded that he issue a public apology before he can hand over the log ings of his original account to him, something the singer has vowed not to.

“My fans should follow and subscribe to my new YouTube account channel Stevo Simple Boy 1 and subscribe,” he urges.

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