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Singer Akothee asks for government refund for ‘tarmacking’ Migori road

Kenyan singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has asked the county government of Migori to refund her for tarmacking a government road.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers said she is very proud of herself for ‘rescuing’ the residents from the impassable road.

The mother of five says area residents had a hard time using the road before she rehabilitated it.

She adds that due to the condition of the road, most people avoided it completely during the ain’t season.

“I am so proud of myself. This road is a government road, it has been impassable, especially during heavy rains, all my people from this area avoided it and had to look for alternative roads,” said Akothee.

The Kula Ngoma hitmaker also said some of the people parked their cars and used motorbikes with alternative roads owing to the poor state of the roads.

“Today they can drive their cars and pass here for free,” said Akothee.

The singer now says she should be refunded once the county government approves its budget.

“Migori County government should refund my money once the budget for roads is out,” she said in a post on her socials.

Nairobi News could not establish if indeed the singer used her resources to tarmac the said road.

Neither did she reveal how much she used to tarmac the road or whether she consulted with the county government before tarmacking the said road.