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Singer Arrow Bwoy explains why he has not paid Nadia Mukami’s dowry

Popular Kenyan singer, Arrow Bwoy, has candidly explained the reason behind the delay in paying dowry for his girlfriend and the mother of his son, Nadia Mukami.

In a heartfelt plea to Kenyans and his fans, the singer revealed that financial constraints have been the main hindrance to formalizing his marriage with Nadia.

During an emotional appeal, Arrow Bwoy asked for support from Kenyans to help him raise the necessary funds for the dowry payment.

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He took to social media, sharing his phone number and requesting fans to contribute to the cause. Additionally, he enlisted the help of a friend to set up a paybill to facilitate the fundraising process.

“It is true that I don’t have a wife because I haven’t raised enough dowry money. Please, I request you all to help me with contributions, please.”

Nadia Mukami, a talented singer herself, had recently made a public statement calling for her boyfriend, Arrow Bwoy, to commit to their relationship by paying her dowry.

She emphasized the importance of adhering to traditional customs, expressing her desire for an official and committed marriage.

“I am single as far as I know until the father of my child pays my dowry. He has not paid any dowry to my parents. He is with me on credit. Niko soko. I am not married to him,” Nadia asserted.

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The singer further highlighted the significance of her dowry, stating that it should be commensurate with her brand’s size and educational achievements.

Nadia firmly stated that Arrow Bwoy should invest in their relationship and fulfill the traditional obligations to formalize their union.

“I am a lady who is very learned and is very high, and I am a brand. My father invested so much in me. I did not go to schools where people eat Githeri, so the dowry is high, and he needs to invest in this babe,” Nadia said.

Nadia and Arrow Bwoy have been together for four years, with a son born in their relationship.

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