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Singer Ben Cyco and wife Wanjiru open up about heartbreaking loss oF unborn child

Renowned gospel singer Ben Cyco and his wife Wanjiru Njiru have shared the painful news of losing their unborn baby in a candid video posted on their YouTube page.

The couple say the loss occurred in October 2023.

In the emotional video, Ben Cyco recounted the heartbreaking experience, stating:

“We got a baby and we were so excited about it, but after 2 months, we lost the baby. That was a huge dent in our marriage, but God’s grace is sufficient…but that has been a tough season. That happened like two months ago…we tried, but I guess it just did not turn out the way we wanted it to be, and we lost the baby at 8 weeks.”

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Despite grappling with the loss, Ben expressed their commitment to fulfilling prior commitments, including shows, even though the weight of the situation made it challenging.

“That was so heavy on us, and we had no energy left in us to do like a live experience. So this season has been so heavy, especially for you (Wanjiru), and I have just been praying for grace and trying to support you in the best way possible,” he shared.

Wanjiru Njiru, visibly moved, acknowledged the strength and support they’ve found in each other during this difficult time. “You have also shocked me; I knew you loved me, but this passing season I have seen like you love me.”

In a message of hope, Ben Cyco affirmed their trust in God’s timing and the belief that they will be blessed with a child in the future.

“God restores, and in the right time, we’re gonna have a little Joyrider. So if you feel like some of the shows we did not have the right energy, we had a huge personal blow, and we still had to show up and do those shows.

So pray for us, guys, we need that grace, but God has been faithful. We want to thank our family and friends. The support system has just been incredible, especially for my wife,” Ben added.

The pair is the most recent high-profile figure to share their experience of experiencing the loss of a child.