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Singer Brian Nadra launches new album

Kenyan musician Brian Nadra has released his much-anticipated debut album titled Nadrenaline, a piece of work he refers to as his biggest success story, yet.

The eight-track album produced through Decimal Records best defines his musical journey and doubles up as an eclectic combination of various sounds that display his diversity in singing in different genres and musical styles altogether.

The video to the album’s lead single “Kahora” is already out, the song features KonKodi and Bon’Eye, and the hit song shows off the prowess of rapping and singing in both sheng and Kikuyu languages.

“The inspiration behind this album was the desire by Musyoka and myself to explore my talent in depth. We wanted to create an album that will have a lasting legacy on my career and I am sure my fans will appreciate this.” Said Nadra on what led to the albums creation

Nadrelnaline’ is fully influenced by Nadra’s inspirations and combined with his own taste in music. From a young age, he was exposed to a wide range of music from country, Afro-pop, Lingala, Kapuka to some smooth RnB tracks.

The album’s tracklist kicks off with a Lingala hit “Chocolatte”, also “Pumzika”, which is a slow tempo sexy song featuring Kenana Mwawasi. Zzreo Sufuri appears in “Booty”, a street anthem suiting his style and persona, alongside Bon’eye and KonKodi.

The album features a unique range of artists, Nadra says, “Having Bon’Eye and KonKodi was an obvious pick, as we got to spend a lot of time together writing and coming up with the music, adding Nviiri, Zzero Sufuri and Kenana’s showcase the new emerging Kenyan acts and how we are collaborating to shape and push forward the future of African music.

The producers behind the album include the likes of Eric MSYOX Musyoka, KDAGr8t, and Samuel Hendricks.

Musyoka, a renowned producer, spoke on what Nadra’s career means to the label “We are more than pleased to see the progress that Brian’s career has taken and we are proud of the quality of an act he is turning out to be. We aim to make him an international sensation and keep the mantra of the label, that quality is everything.”