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Singer Jill Scot gets nasty on stage and Twitter can’t keep calm – VIDEO

By CHAD KITUNDU November 13th, 2018 2 min read

American neo-soul musician Jill Scott has left Twitter on shock after a video showing her simulating oral sex on stage went viral.

Jill Scott is known for her craft; filling out stadiums while on tour and still continues to surprise fans.

Known for tracks such as ‘A Long Walk’ and ‘So In Love‘, Scott made it known that she has a freaky side to her through her clever lyrics.

In the video, the ‘Golden‘ hit-maker is seen using her microphone as a stand in for male genitalia. She does not actually put it in her mouth, but the performance is nonetheless very visual.

The risque video was filmed in August, but came to light on social media on Tuesday.

Her longtime fans did not seem moved at all by the performance, stating that anyone who has listened to her music would know that she likes to get freaky.

Many other Tweeps however, couldn’t contain their shock and many a funny reaction was the result.

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions.