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Singer Jovial shares concerns over stalker

Singer Juliet Ayub popularly known as Jovial is scared for her life.

According to the Jeraha hit maker an obsessed fan has been stalking her to the point of even finding out her home address.

“Lately I have been dealing with an obsessed crush. This person has managed to know where I live after paying people to track me. Where he got my number, sijui,” Jovial said.

She says blocking him in all mediums has also not been successful. In fact the stalker behaves as if he owns her by getting mad whenever she posts pictures of other men.

“I have blocked him nimechoka. Nikipost mtu he gets mad. Anakuwa aggressive kama mimi ni dame yake. I told him I will report him akasema sawa haina shida ataambia police “he just in love” so I should go ahead. I think he is well connected, I don’t know. It’s really eating me up and I am scared, nimechoka kukaa kimya,” Jovial said.

In 2021, Jovial disclosed in an interview that she was in love with one of her fans.

However she never revealed the identity of the lucky man.

In an interview she claimed that she preferred dating a fan than fellow musicians and public figures.

She further stated that her preference in a man is having a good personality, and being a gentleman. In this regard, the singer made it known to the public that she was in a relationship with one of her fans, who was making her happy.

In March she then confirmed that she was currently single and happy.