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Singer Kambua Mathu opens up on betrayal, forgiveness

Gospel singer Kambua Mathu has shared how she has once betrayed by people she least expected to do so.

The Neema hitmaker, in a lengthy social media post, says she was able to overcome the betrayal through prayer however hard it was.

“About a decade ago I experienced betrayal that at the time felt so deep, I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. I would go into prayer about it and just cry, cry, cry. Copious amounts of bitter tears! The friendships I’d held dear suddenly felt strangely misaligned, unsafe, and belligerent. It felt like a forever season with no end in sight,” she explained.

Adding: “It was in that season that the spirit of God began to strongly convict me about harboring unforgiveness. I knew that as much as I put on a brave front, I wasn’t truly free and would not attain healing as long as I let bitterness find a home in my heart.”

“It started a deep dive of reflection, releasing, and repentance over and over until one day I realized I no longer felt nauseous when I pondered over all that had happened. God by his grace helped me to forgive, even to an extent of ministering to the said individuals years down the line,” she says.

The mother of two further shared her thoughts on forgiveness saying holding a grudge and bitterness over something that is beyond one’s control only brings devastation.

“Friends, unforgiveness is one of the biggest hindrances to your growth. It will pull you back, stunt you, and cause you to be very unproductive. The deception with bitterness is how it gives a false sense of power over the situation. Power grossly laced with pride.”

She concluded by acknowledging forgiveness is not as easy as one would wish it to be but it is necessary for personal growth.

An award-winning gospel star, Kambua married her longtime boyfriend, Pastor Jackson Mathu, in 2012. The couple has been blessed with two children.

While Pastor Mathu is known to keep a low profile, Kambua has been in the spotlight, playing her role as a mentor to many of her fans and followers.

The 35-year-old attributes her caring heart to a good upbringing by her parents.

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