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Singer KRG The Don blasts ex-wife

Singer KRG The Don and his ex-wife Linah Wanjiru have been exchanging not so rosy words on social media of late.

KRG, in an online interview, accused his ex wife of hiring goons to take him out, in a failed mission.

During the interview, KRG, born Karuga Kimani, said despite the wrong she keeps doing to him, he is ready and willing to forgive and forget.

“I have picked up my phone many times, I am Bugaa and called that woman because I remember our beginnings with her, I remember I hustled with this person in Nairobi. Me and her,” the singer recalled.

Addressing his failed marriage to his baby mama, KRG explained people have this misconception that he has not moved on and it is why he keeps bringing up conversations about her.

“They say I’m bitter but I want to tell you one thing, me ni mzee Bugaa I know how to make people talk. We were together for like ten years because our first born is about 9 years old so it was a story we were talking about generally then she was mentioned.”

“It got to a point where I decided to divorce her because of so many issues.”

The musician has been on a back and forth exchange of bitter words with his ex wife on social media since their split, and when asked about his sentiments about the situation he said that he felt pity for her for downgrading from the lifestyle he had given her.

The rapper defended his publicly criticism of her allegedly terrible life choices saying;

“If you ever hear me criticizing someone or something I don’t do it out of hate I don’t wish any bad on her, no I wish her success because at the end of the day she is the mother of my children.”

He went on to advise his ex wife to carry herself with pride instead of chasing clout.

“But it cant be that the mother of my children is doing stupid things and I’m a full boss. Do you understand?”

Not fine, the singer advised her to choose her men wisely.

“I would also want her to build her empire because the things I am hearing about her, you can’t stop people from talking and many people DM me about her. I look at the DM’s and I go like waah, I’m tired.