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Singer Matete reveals self-esteem struggles

Gospel singer Ruth Matete has revealed one of her biggest struggles in life that led to her sabotaging herself.

Matete says that growing up she struggled with low esteem issues which resulted in her demeaning herself by thinking that other people were either more beautiful or more talented than her.

“If there’s one thing I have struggled with over the years is self-esteem?. It used to be really bad. You know? Always thinking someone else was better than me. More beautiful than me. More talented than me. More loved than me. And so I ended up sabotaging myself. I dimmed my own light so no one could see it,” said Ruth Matete.

However, she says she has been able to overcome her fears to be the woman she is today.

How was she able to do this? Well she says that she realised that the only person she needs to compete with, is herself and not anybody else.

Congratulating herself on her wins and encouraging herself through challenges.

“Looking at myself and the woman I have become, oh my goodness!! I don’t wait to be applauded. I applaud myself?,” remarked Ruth Matete.

“I don’t wait for somebody to pat me on the back! I pat my own damn self!! Like..Luxo.. You made it. You came this far!! You’re strong!! You’re beautiful!! You’re amazing!” she went on.

The mother of one reflected on the time she was pregnant with her firstborn child and some of the struggles she had to go through especially during the last trimester.

“I remember days I could not sleep for 4 hours uninterrupted, coz I kept waking up to go use the wash room??(kususu) My goodness!! That last trimester is not funny at all??? . But I made it through that season,” said Ruth Matete.

“Look, however small it may seem in your eyes, you’re doing a great job at being strong. Congratulate yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself.. You got this. I am rooting for you???,” she added.

Ruth welcomed a baby girl in October last year. The baby arrived a few months after the death of husband John Apewajoye who died in a fire accident at their Home in April.