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Singer Nadia Mukami opens up on miscarriage

Kenyan artists Nadia Mukami and fiancé Arrow Bwoy have opened up about her miscarriage.

In a series titled My pregnancy journey, Nadia divulged that pregnancy is indeed bittersweet.

“I had a feeling I was pregnant and I was headed to a friend’s baby shower. I was so swamped in thoughts that I hit another car,” she says.

Nadia adds that no sooner had they started preparing for the baby than she suffered a miscarriage. 

“I lost my baby on April 12th 2021.”

Juggling between child loss and her career as an artist was the hardest thing Nadia went through and for the first time she admits she wished she was not an artist.

However, her career was seemingly at the hallmark and intermingling with people was not easy.

Nadia had a show to perform days after suffering the miscarriage. However, the promoter for that particular show was not friendly and hospitable.

“I had cramps and only performed for 30 minutes. The promoter sent in a bouncer and told him to inform me not to leave the stage,” she says.

At this time Arrow Bwoy born Ali Yusuf Etale was in Tanzania. He admits that Nadia had blocked him but he had sent in a friend to warn her about this promoter.

Even after the story trended, Nadia did not give her side of the story and she says God will avenge her.

“2021 I lost so many friends because I did not want to explain myself. I had to continuously choose myself and while at it did not want any stress. Any stressor I cut them off,” she reveals.

Nonetheless, Nadia and Arrow Bwoy are the newest parents in town having welcomed baby Haseeb Kai on March 24th.

The two disclosed that their pregnancy was kept private as per their request because they wanted to heal and be able to share the story themselves.