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Singer Nameless under pressure to get a son

Kenyan artiste Nameless has been forced to address his fans who are pressuring him to get a son after he recently welcomed a baby girl.

Nameless has been flaunting videos and photos of him with his three daughters explaining how happy he is to be a father of girls.

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In one post, Nameless said he has realized it is not about the gender of a child but about how the parent brings the child up by molding their character that matters.

“Meanwhile, I came to realize with my second baby Kio, it’s not about the sex of the baby, it’s about how you will bring him or her up and help mold their character. That’s what really matters! I continue to pray for wisdom to guide yet another beautiful soul to be the best she can be to herself and the world… I am a happy soul and ready for this newly added purpose,” read his post.

One fan shared a comment that read; 

“Tafuta Kijana boss (Get a son). Your legacy, we are Africans.”

Responding to the comment, Nameless said that some beliefs are outdated.

“Saa zingine tunajiangusha na traditions that are outdated (At times we let ourselves down with ourdated traditions),” he responded.

He added;

“I understand we have been taught to follow our culture or tradition without question, but the truth is we are supposed to use our wisdom to identify the parts of our culture that are unfair or unprogressive and let them go, as we adopt more progressive, fair and better ways of thinking and living. Cultural evolution is where my leadership flourishes.”

Nameless, and his wife Wahu, also a singer, recently announced the birth of their third daughter in a beautiful post that saw their fans gush over their new bundle of joy.

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Sharing a video of the baby 5 minutes after her birth, Nameless wrote, “My first earthly connection with my third born Daughter, Shiru, named after my eldest sister @rosemarymutunkei according to Kikuyu tradition. We’ll also give her an African name soon.”

He also went ahead to thank his fans for all their prayers and well wishes. He also shared an update on Wahu.

“Thank you for your prayers and well wishes! Shiru is healthy, beautiful and very alert. And Mama Shiru did a splendid job at bringing her into this world. Mum is fine and excited to start this journey together,” he wrote.