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Singer Owiyo in trouble for ‘hilly’ butt remark

Singer Suzanna Owiyo has rattled a section of netizens after sharing some advice to single women looking for Mr. Right and have still not yet been able to find him.

Through a post on Twitter, the renowned artist told women not to be afraid to flaunt their bodily endowments but also not forgetting to think with their brains.

She shared a picture of herself showing off her curvy physique.

“I am an African daughter from the lakeside city. What defines me apart from my upright mind is my hilly behind. Let’s teach our daughters something, when looking for Mr. Right, take your brain with you but don’t forget your behind. It’s that simple,” tweeted Suzanna Owiye.

Her tweet however seems to not have been taken well by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) who mostly felt that she was being biased.

They argued that the message was unfair for suggesting African girls are those with hilly behinds where else there are those who lack hilly behinds.

Here is what they had to say.

“Defining an African woman as having a hilly behind is othering African girls and women who lack a hilly behind. It is systemic othering and stigmatization done by Africans. It is making women and girls without hilly behinds guilty for their shape, and feel excluded. It is wrong and for Suzzane Owiyo to drive this agenda is depressing to know. Teach the African girls, with hilly behind or not, what it truly means to be an African woman,” wrote @DanielOtienoOti.

“That’s what you teach girls? To use their behinds when they can’t think with their minds? Someone help me I am so confused right now?” asked @robertjosochi.

“Okei…mind tunaeza hire. Behind is everything. Donge?” stated @georgeochieng.

“Hapo kwa looking for a man why is the behind an important factor above all other parts,” commented @ezra_bariu.

“I am disappointed!” said @allan_kiborek.