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Singer Ray C reveals why she moved from Tanzania to France

Legendary Tanzanian singer Ray C, born Rehema Chalamila, has opened up on her YouTube channel about her decision to leave her home country for France.

Ray C, who has been residing in France for several years now, revealed the deeply personal reasons behind her relocation.

In a candid discussion, Ray C recounted her journey, starting with overcoming struggles with drugs and rehabilitation.

Reflecting on her past challenges, she expressed gratitude for her recovery, stating: “As you already know I had gone through trying times but I thank God I was able to stand again.”

Despite returning to the studio and releasing songs in 2017-2018, Ray C admitted that she still felt unsettled and needed healing.

“I needed to heal. You know you can heal physically but the heart still isn’t healed,” Ray C shared.

Seeking peace and a fresh start, Ray C decided to leave Tanzania.

“I felt like people were not taking me seriously. I said I would not force respect, it would come by itself. At the time, I had already traveled so much, in many countries. I asked God to get me out of this country (Tanzania).”

Since relocating abroad, the ‘Wanitafuta Nini’ hitmaker said she has found happiness and stability.

She shared the joyous news of her pregnancy in February 2023 and later welcomed her son, Shah Rukh, into the world.

Ray C also described her new life in the French-speaking country as her “happy place,” despite being far from home.

However, Ray C also addressed the inquiries she receives from fans about life in France, cautioning against romanticizing the idea of relocation.

She emphasised the differences in mentality and lifestyle between Africa and Europe, highlighting the importance of considering the challenges of adapting to a new environment.

In a video posted on her TikTok channel, Ray C provided insights into life abroad, showcasing the benefits and hardships of living in a foreign country.

While acknowledging the advantages of better government support and healthcare, she also warned of the loneliness and stress that accompany such a move.

“The important things that citizens need are obtained, such as high salaries, but it’s a very lonely place, you know, if you leave your family back home, father, mother, and come here alone, you don’t have siblings, friends, you don’t have those people you’re used to. It’s really stressful,” Ray C shared.