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Singer Vivian’s ex-husband Sam West opens up on ‘hypocrisy’

Kenyan motivational speaker Sam West has had his take on the supposed hypocrisy in churches.

In a recent interview with a local station, West revealed many people in churches hide under a veil of perfection, which only deteriorates their integrity.

“Salvation does not mean an immediate transformation. It means one has started the journey of transformation. That is why most people in the church have a mask, you cannot know who is real,” he said.

He went on to encourage churchgoers not to kill themselves so as to seem perfect.

“People in the church, Do not kill yourself with perfection.”

Sam further added;

“If someone was doing something wrong, they won’t stop doing so immediately, appreciate the fact they are trying to change. People in the church should also be always on members who get saved and stop putting too many expectations on them.”

In defense of Christianity, the motivational speaker said that people should stop criticizing those who go to church.

“Society should also stop bringing down people who are in church. Christians are the first ones to criticize others.”

Sam West has made headlines in the past few months over his divorce from singer Vivian, which made its way to the public eye following the musician’s revelation. 

The singer had for weeks been rumored to have broken up with her then-husband West although it had not yet been clarified. Vivian said her husband’s departure had caused her pain despite efforts to get through it.

“I am not well, I have been getting support but sometimes I crash. My heart is so heavy. Someone left us and now hates us. I’ve been trying to rebuild but I’ve been wondering why. Please pray for me because I’m still a mother,” Vivian said.

Just days after coming out to say that she is not well and that she is struggling, Vivian posted a photo of herself fully shaved.

On the photos she shared on her social media platforms, Vivian recognized that some of the things she was experiencing at the time were beyond her power to control.

“I realized that no matter what I did or what I said and how unprepared I was for the changes in my life that it was completely above my power. So instead of searching for worldly comfort, God necessitated that I yearn for Him. It was very strange. And on those days I get into despair over my past life, my upbringing, and other pains I force myself to shift focus. I am not sure about the future and this message is not for critics or wajuaji,” Vivian wrote.

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