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Singer Willy Paul in sensational witchcraft claim

Singer Willy Paul aka Willy Pozze says he is a lonely man.

The Kitanzi hitmaker, born Wilson Abubakar Radido, recently shared a post on his Instagram page that left his fans in speculation mode.

“I am a lonely man tonight. It’s not because of a lady, a lady can not make me lonely, I can never lack a lady,” he explained.

The statement came after the I do hitmaker says he’d suffered a flat tyre.

Pozze in his own words attributed the misfortune to artists whom he claims won’t leave him alone and that they are trying to sabotage his career growth.

“I’m mad. Why do I keep getting a flat tyre? Artists should leave me alone. Your witchdoctors will not succeed. Instead I will continue releasing hit songs and you will look for me. You cannot kill me. I can never die. I will never die.”

Tagged to the statement was the video where the artist shows his car tire being changed, while he was further declaring that he had swag in a bid to stick it to his haters. The singer had donned designer clothes, including a Gucci branded sweatshirt and pants.

Willy Paul is one of the few Kenyan artists known to stir up conversations online with publicity stunt theatrics. Netizens can’t help but wonder if this is another one of his clout-chasing stunts.

In the past year, the singer was heavily mentioned in a number of scandals, including being accused by rapper Diana Marua aka Daina B of rape, allegations he denied and threatened legal action.

“Hello fam, more music less scandals. Btw some of the scandals you see out there, musicians create them for fame. n but this year expect nothing but good music,” he wrote on Instagram.