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Single in Nairobi? Tips to survive Christmas

December 26th, 2015 2 min read


If you are one of those people who weren’t so lucky in love this year, Christmas may come as an anticlimax. Here are tips to make the best out of the season;

1. Think with your head – During this season, it is easy to get back together with an ex or to hook up with a random person because of feelings of nostalgia or loneliness. Keep in mind that whatever decisions you make, you will have to deal with months and even years after Christmas ends.

2. Stop stalking others – If you are looking to make yourself sad, then go on Facebook and look for all those photographs of couples enjoying themselves. Otherwise, get out of the house and have some fun. If you go online looking for photos of friends who are having more fun than you, you will always find them.

3. Have an answer – Nairobi is a very competitive city. Every person you meet is working hard to keep up with someone else. You are bound to be asked questions regarding your plans and your relationship status. To survive it, practice the answer that you will be giving.

4. Make some memories – It is normal and totally okay to feel sad if you are alone at Christmas. You will however just be taking from your happiness if you spend the whole Christmas wallowing is self-pity. Seize this opportunity to make new memories in the city. Visit those places you have never been to before. Nairobi has a lot of hidden pleasures.

5. Appreciate those in your life – Just because you do not have a romantic partner does not mean that your life is devoid of love. If you find yourself single this Christmas, use this time to bond with those in your life. The family members and friends who you didn’t have much time for during the year.

6. Do something for someone else – Christmas doesn’t have to be all about you and how lonely you are. You will be surprised at how fulfilling doing something for someone else can be. Identify someone who needs a little love this Christmas and make them your Christmas plans. There is always someone somewhere who needs a hand. It just may be the best Christmas you’ve ever had.

7. Make plans – If you end up sad with a bottle of wine or a plate of biscuits on your couch on Christmas day, you will have only yourself to blame. Make plans to do something on Christmas day even if you are alone. Nairobi has lots of fun places and activities.

8. Escape – If you can’t take the heat of being single in the city, this is a perfect time to make that escape. There are plenty of places in and around Nairobi where one can go to have some time alone. Do not feel guilty about it or about any other thing you might decide to splurge on.