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Single lady in Nairobi? Flirting do’s and don’ts

Nairobi is a huge vibrant city full of possibilities. If you are single, there are limitless chances here of you meeting The One. Nairobian’s are also very particular about what they want. If you are going to flirt in Nairobi, here are the do’s and don’ts;

1. Take charge – Before you flirt, you have to decide what exactly you hope to gain from it. After highlighting your intention in your mind, take charge of the situation. Lead the conversation where you want it to go. If you want him to know that you are interested in him, openly flatter him. If you hope to talk to him again after this, give your number.

2. Don’t come on too strong – It’s the 21st century and sexually liberated women are no longer frowned at. Still, if you are trying get a date in Nairobi, overly sexual statements or behavior will not get you anywhere. It sends out the wrong impressions about you.

3. Smile – Smiling will take years off your face. For the woman who is hoping to catch a man’s eye, smiling communicates that she is friendly and approachable. Do not giggle like an adolescent. A bright, confident smile will do.

4. Flirt with one at a time – When you flirt with a man, you send out the message that you are interested in him. When you also flirt with his friend at the same time, it confuses him. Flirting with more than one man at a time may also send out an unflattering impression in regard to your morals.

5. Don’t be afraid to move on – When you flirt with a man and he doesn’t reciprocate it, it simply means that he is involved with someone else or he is uninterested. If he isn’t interested, do not stalk him. Simply move onto your next target.

6. Is he accompanied? – Trying to flirt with a man who is out with another woman is plain rude. It communicates that in addition to lacking decorum, you have no respect for relationships. A man who will reciprocate your flirting when he is with another woman isn’t the kind of man you should be seeking to date in the first place.

7. If you have been drinking – Alcohol allows most people to let their hair down. It also makes you say or do things you otherwise wouldn’t. If you are flirting with the intention of attracting a serious relationship, only flirt when you are sober.

8. Make use of technology – The world is riding on wave after wave of technology. Take advantage of it. Do not limit your flirting to face to face encounters. Make us of online platforms. WhatsApp him, inbox him on Facebook, tweet him. Be careful not to become a stalker though