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Single mum wants law to force men to marry many wives

A middle-aged woman in Lamu County has shocked locals by launching a special campaign which seeks to encourage men to practise polygamy.

Alice Wambui Wangu, 32, a single mother of one, says there is urgent need for a law that will make it compulsory for men to marry at least three wives so as to end infidelity in marriages.

Ms Wambui says polygamy will also help reduce prostitution and the ever rising cases of couples killing one another as a result of love triangles.

She says polygamy will also help in raising the population in most parts of the country that are sparsely populated such as Lamu.

According to the 2019 Population and Housing Census, Lamu county has just 143,920 people.

Ms Wambui also claimed that the ratio of women to men in the country is skewed in favour of women.

“Our country has more women than men and that’s why there is need for the men to marry at least three wives so that all women can have husbands instead of having to secretly approach other people’s husbands and end up being attacked, hot water poured on them, hands cut or even being killed. The government should introduce such a law that will make it mandatory for men to marry not less than three wives. By doing so, I believe we will have a country which is free of prostitution and any other forms of promiscuity,” said Ms Wamboi.


The 2019 census, however, revealed that Kenya’s population stands at 47,564,296, with 23,548,056 males and 24,014,716 females, a difference of just‭ 466,660‬. A total of 1,524 are intersex.

“Many of us (women) are crying everyday due to lack of men to marry and support us economically and socially and end up engaging in prostitution which is very dangerous bearing in mind that there is HIV and AIDS. So it’s the high time the men in this country change their conservative mentality by considering marrying more wives so that every one of us gets a husband,” added Wambui.

She urged married women to allow their husbands to marry more wives.

Ms Wambui’s proposal has, however, received opposition from men, particularly those practising Christianity.

Francis Waweru, a Lamu resident, said marrying more than one wife was against the Christian doctrine.

“The Bible clearly states that a man is obliged to have only one wife. Marrying several wives definitely means going against Christianity. I urge fellow men to stick to one wife,” advised Mr Waweru.

John Kilumo said it would be a challenge for most men to achieve a balance that would keep all wives happy.

“With the tough economic times, it’s very unwise for people to engage in polygamy. You will fail to maintain and satisfy the needs of all those so called wives,” said Mr Kilumo.

Mr Ahmed Suleiman says the Muslim religion allows up to four wives provided one is able to provide for their basic needs.

“I don’t see a problem with the suggestion provided those marrying the many wives are in a position to satisfy all their basic needs,” he said.