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Here’s one single mum’s guide to work-life balance that has inspired many online

A single mother has schooled other mothers on how to balance family and work life by sharing what her day often looks like.

The mother of one detailed how she wakes up in the wee hours to prepare her son for day care before reporting to work at 7:30am.

“My baby is seven months now. I wake up at 4.00am, cook bananas and malenge, porridge, milk, then wash my baby, I prepare my breakfast and myself, I leave the house at 5.40am, drop my baby to the day care, then I leave for work am supposed to be in by 7.30am. I am a health care worker.

“I leave work at 7.30pm, pick my baby at 9pm we go home, mostly he’s asleep. I clean utensils and clothes while cooking at the same time. By 11pm I sleep. That’s how I operate mums. I settle all my bills comfortably. Anybody in the same situation say hi, others just congratulate me,” she wrote.

The mother said she separated with her baby daddy while she was pregnant prompting her to come up with creative ways to manage both her child and work.


“I just wanted to encourage those who have 2yrs kids and still at home looking after the baby. Mums wake up and work. U see how men are carrying us like sacks of potatoes nowadays, let’s not give them chance any more. Wake up and do business mums,” she wrote.

Her detailed day guide was lauded by other mums online who commended her for taking full responsibility in the absence of her baby daddy.

One mother wrote, “Wow, God bless the work of your hands mummy.”

Another added, “Thanks for sharing this, its quite inspiring.”

Another mum commented, “You are a very hardworking mum.”

Another added, “Your son will be proud of you someday.”

A mum wrote, “I wish every single mum can learn from this and work hard without feeling self-pity.”