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Single and searching inside an SRG train?

By JO November 1st, 2018 2 min read

The fuss of the SGR is finally silent. Well, then it’s the perfect time for me to make some noise. Like most African timers, it has taken me a while to finally set foot in our esteemed completely out of this world locomotive.

I know all the above sound so satirical you could touch it. Funny enough I actually mean it. This is shocking to me too, I may need to see a doctor after this.

Back to our locomotive that gave me sort of interests than the hot shot that was seated opposite me. Ladies and gentlemen if any of you is looking for a potential wife or husband I found the perfect spots. Here is where!

As a storyteller I happen to be nosier than Pinochio, I find myself looking everywhere and I mean everywhere. I espy those who unashamedly ogle (I like these ones they always find a way to embarrass themselves naturally).


I observe the not so fresh looking and can clearly tell who they are routing for and finally the extreme hot ones who pretend to be so engrossed in their books or phones and once in a while stand up to take a quick walk to the charging pods at the entrance, just to remind you they are still on board.

Now you can really tell I’m credible to give you SGR ‘hitch up’ advice.

Amidst my observation; I spot not only a good looking fella but also his friend who I could tell was not struggling at all to get attention.

Funny how the two were ‘looking for’ a place to charge their phones at a different car number than theirs. I mean I understand sitting 8 hours is no joke. No sane or insane ass can take that gracefully.


While they were looking for charging ends two ladies offered to help out their power banks. Ladies take notes: number one you may need a power bank. With jolly, the gentlemen agreed to not only take one power bank but also to join the ladies on their group seats, with the plain lie of sharing power.

If you’ve used the SGR before you probably understand how difficult this is, but love at first sight makes things work and just like that we have couple A and B.

As you can tell by now couple C- Z is loading. All I’m saying is, especially to the ladies, every spot is a spot in the SGR. I mean, at the entrance near the mirror people like chilling there. By people I mean the hot ones, they of course have reason to visit the mirror.


So ladies when you see them do so, please follow; it’s called the monkey see monkey do, monkey get tactic. Do not be bored for eight hours wondering why the grass is not blue and the clouds jungle green.

Stand up visit the area codes… mirror zone, charging pods, “the help me adjust my bag tagline’.

If this does not work for you whoever you are please write to me on how the world would look like in jungle green skies.

I’m really curious because I did not have enough time to ignore the hotshot opposite me, the seat was lucky number 28 car 12, do not say you weren’t schooled.

Haha! All the best singles!