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You are liar, sister tells Adebayor

The ongoing circus that surrounds Togolese football star Emmanuel Adebayor’s messy affair with his immediate family isn’t about to end soon, it seems.

Two days after Tottenham Hotspur striker posted a detailed rant on social media in which he specifically accused his entire family members of among other issues, extortion, thefta and spreading, now one of the 31 year old’s siblings has responded with almost equal venom.

Lucia, whom “Ade” claimed in the 477 word post,  “keeps telling people that my dad told me to bring her to Europe. But what would be the purpose to bring her to Europe? Everyone is here for a reason” has in turn called his brother a “liar” and went further to remind him that “money is not everything”.


“We the family don’t need you again… may Allah forgive you,” Lucia has also told the former Real Madrid striker.

“Keep on lying to the whole world brother” Lucia commenced her “response” on Facebook post which went on:

“Where is the car you got for mum… you took it back… The house you claim you bought for sister are all lies.. The phones Rotimi stole are all lies… Money is not everything oooo… we the family do not need you again just be on your own so we do the same… de fact you have it today doesn’t guarantee your tomorrow… May Allah forgive you … you sent your little nephews packing from your house at 12am… The Alphas and Mallams have done great harm to your life. You need God… Only God can save your soul… @peace.

And the saga continues…