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Six-man gang killed after foiled robbery attempt

By STELLA CHERONO February 27th, 2016 1 min read

Six people, including a teenage boy who scored over 400 marks in last year’s KCPE examination, were on Friday lynched by a mob in Kabiria, Riruta, Nairobi, for allegedly attempting to break into a shop.

Some local residents pounced on the boy and five other people moments after they entered a house as they fled from police officers on patrol, who were in hot pursuit of them.

One of the suspects was gunned down as he reportedly tried to fire at the police using a home-made pistol.

The group is said to have comprised eight people when police officers confronted them at Kabete Shopping Centre, as they allegedly tried to break into a shop after overcoming and tying up some security guards with ropes in the 2am incident.


“Police confronted them and asked them to surrender but they took off. The one who had a home-made pistol kept firing as they fled and he was shot,” said Dagoretti police boss Rashid Mohammed.

During the confrontation, boda boda riders arrived at the scene.

“After he was shot in the leg, he lay on the ground. Boda boda riders then beat him to death,” said Mr Mohammed. He said other riders pursued the other seven.

The suspects then entered a house in Kabiria and locked it. “The mob broke the door and beat the suspects to death.”

The riders said the suspects were members of a gang that steals and uses motorcycles in robberies.