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Six quotes by Peter Drury that stood out during England-Croatia match

England were average as they lost 2-1 to Croatia in the World Cup semi-final match Wednesday night.

But one Englishman impressed football viewers with a stellar performance. That man is self-confessed football poet Peter Drury, who was in the commentary box.

As usual, Drury rose to the occasion, wowing viewers with his poetic analysis. He was among the top trending topics around Africa on Thursday morning.

Croatia progressed to the finals where they will meet France on Sunday.

Losers England will meet Belgium who lost to France in the Tuesday night match.

Below, find some of Mr Drury’s lines that stood out from his commentary last night:

1. “Tonight, the Croats roar on, a roar which they ripped out of England’s throat. The three lions were toothless, voiceless and their dream in tatters. It’s not coming home, Britain, it has just limped away, maybe forever”

2. “Sterling had no one to feed but Kane…. Kane had nowhere to be but offside.”

3. “Modric threw a boot at it and hit only fresh air.”

4. “Glorious, Glorious England goal, picture perfect. England in their immaculate white has made an immaculate start.”

5. “French players somewhere in a hotel room wishing this goes till 3am, and that no one will be able to walk at the end of it.”

6. “Subasic was clawing at AIR! Gareth Southgate was punching at the AIR! Now England will wish the next 80 minutes will disappear into thin Air!”