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Six things we learnt from Collymore’s wedding

It came as a shocker after photos of Safaricom boss Bob Collymore’s wedding with Wambui Kamiru were shared on social media a day after the big day.

Many were unaware as no blog or media house ran the story before the wedding day. Here are things that you can learn from the millionaire’s wedding:

1. Simplicity is key – Everyone agreed that the ceremony was kept as simple as possible, at least judging from the photos that were shared on social media. The bride donned a white dress as opposed to those bank breaking gowns and the cake was a simple air brushed three tier cake. Impressive for a man who earns Sh10 million a month.

2. Loyal friends matter – The wedding had the who is who in showbiz and business circles but none uttered a word until the ceremony was done and the couple away on honeymoon. News about the wedding started spreading on Sunday after all had been done and dusted. Ordinarily some spoilers start tweeting congratulations before the day starts giving the blogs a hint.

3. Your life, your business – Despite being a big deal in Kenya, Mr Collymore didn’t advertise his upcoming wedding to everyone who cared to listen. He wisely picked up a few friends who would witness the day and perhaps even briefed them that it was him wedding and not the company hence no one else needed to know.

7. Marital bliss can come at any age – Both Mr and Mrs Collymore had been divorced previously but that did not stop them from pursuing happiness. The two have shown that all matters is that one is happy and the past should remain just that – the past.

5. Love can be found anywhere – That Collymore was born in Guyana, lived in the United Kingdom only to later find love in Kenya shows that indeed love knows no boundaries. All you need is to embrace love wherever you find it and be happy.

6. It doesn’t matter the haters thinks – Despite all the bile about the previous marriages the couple chose to live their life. This is a lesson that it is your life and you should live it the way you wish with no apologies to anyone.