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Six things you need to know about Miguna to understand him better

Deported lawyer Miguna Miguna has landed in Toronto, Canada, on Monday after leaving Dubai International Airport, where he spent four days.

First deported to Canada in February, Dr Miguna claims Kenyan and Canadian citizenship, but the government says he renounced his Kenyan birth right when he acquired his Canadian passport in 1998.

Here are six you need to know about the fiery lawyer to understand him better.

1. Dr Miguna Miguna was born at home and not at a health facility on December 31, 1962. The nearest hospital was miles away.

2. Growing up, his nickname was Jossy, coined from his Christian name Joshua. It is a name he doesn’t prefer using, opting instead on the double Miguna name.

3. As an adolescent in the village, though all his peers would go to dances, his elder brother Mr Erick Ondiek says Miguna Miguna loathed such social events. You would never see him going out for a night dance, you would find him reading instead.

4. The young Miguna was a quiet person who kept to himself, mostly buried in books. His interest in books started from way back in primary school and it has continued to date. When herding cattle he would carry a book with him.

5. Miguna never attended nursery school. He was tall and easily passed the test pentry test of placing the hand across the head to touch the shoulder on the other side. He joined Standard One direct at Apondo Primary School located a few meters from their homestead.

6. The black mark on his forehead, according to his sister-in-law Mrs Angeline Aoko Ondiek, is because Dr Miguna is an avid reader who used to study while scratching his forehead most of the time.