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Six tips for your success

Things successful people live by before they make it:

They don’t use excuses

We all have two voices. There’s the voice that tells us to work hard, to focus on the task at hand and to finish, and finish well, one task, before we move on to the next.

We also have the voice that tells us to take a break, to think about what’s on TV, or to visit a site that we like to visit that entertains us.

Listen to your excuses. Understand why you have them. Then figure out how you can use them for good.

You could find, for instance, that you are the victim of injustice and use that as the reason you are not getting ahead in a particular area.

Perhaps there was a promotion you deserved but didn’t get. You can either feel sorry for yourself, or push forward and put it behind you — and even use it as motivation to get ahead faster.

It wasn’t just about them

Things can be a motivator, they can even be a reward, but they can’t be the motivator. The truly successful in life always get there because they created change in the lives of others, not just their own.

If something drives you that is greater than just the ‘ends’,  you are going to work harder, longer, and you are going to give more of yourself to your company’s projects.

Yes, you can make money when you have the primary goal of making money. Some might even use that money for good – which is awesome.

But there’s no fulfilment in simply making money. And isn’t that the point?

Early mornings and late nights

People who have achieved true success in their lives have worked for it.

This might come at the detriment of other areas of their lives, such as family or social life. But their mission is first and foremost, work. Until it is complete, everything else comes second.

There’s literally no substitute for hard work. If you want to be successful, you’re going to have to out-hustle everyone else.

The greatest commodity

Energy is a huge commodity that is often not talked about.

Yes, energy in the sense of fuel and electricity is talked about everywhere, but I’m talking about own energy levels.

The fact is that the more energy one has, the easier it is to focus, and the higher the quality of work is.

Keeping physically fit gives greater blood-flow to our brain, enhanced alertness and improved focus.

Make training a routine part of your life and increase your chances at success – in every meaning of the word.


Winston Churchill had principles. The difference between him and other people is that he stuck to his principles at all costs.

He didn’t waver when they weren’t popular; an extreme rarity in politics.

What are your principles? All of us should have them, know what they are, and live our lives by them.

Identify what principles you have that guide your life through tough times, and when things couldn’t be any better. They shouldn’t change, and at your core, neither should you.

Wavering, yet unbreakable faith

We all have moments of doubt. Even the best of us question if our dream is going to come true.

The one thing that separates the truly successful from those who never reach their true potential is an unbreakable faith in the fact that what they’re doing is right.

Even if they have moments of doubt, they’re soon quelled, where other’s listen to that doubt and let it eat them up until  they finally quit.

Have your moments of doubt. You’re human. Just don’t let that doubt eat you up. Instead let it motivate you to prove your optimism right.