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Six types of men city women ‘would die’ not to get married to

By MWENDE KASUJJA September 30th, 2017 2 min read

A man who knows his place around and commands respect in all aspects of his life is admired by many.

City women recently listed down six men they would rather die than get married to.

Here are the calibers that women run away from;

1. Immature – Ever met a man who still acts like a boy? These are men who have childish reactions to everything and tend to run away from issues as opposed to confronting and solving them.

2. Low self-esteem – They often feel belittled and when they come home they fuel their esteem dangerously and may hurt you in the process of trying to prove their worth or claim respect. A man with a low self-esteem is a turn off and cannot be trusted with a family’s future.

3. Uncouth – Manners makes a man. There is no great turn off than a man who is rough and uncultured. Learning what to do and say at different levels of the relationship is admirable and every woman needs a sophisticated partner who not only makes her feel good but also fits in when she is around her friends and acquaintances. Don’t be the guy she can never invite for a work dinner.

4. Unromantic – Every woman loves a man who can pull off some romantic gestures. It does not matter how much has gone into the gesture but the fact that it crossed your mind and you executed it just to make her feel like a queen.

5. Unfaithful – No one wants a “pizza boy” who always serves goodies to every female in need of them. A faithful man boosts a woman’s confidence as she knows no one can lay claim to her man and in the end it wins her some respect among her peers. Besides, who wants to contract illnesses from a man who can never zip up?

6. Stingy – Women are wired to love material things and always have a need to be satisfied. A man who can never randomly buy a gift or even leave a voucher for his woman to redeem at her favourite spa is quite a turn off. Know your woman’s favourite items and activities and once in a while spoil her rotten!