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Six ways to make this a relaxed, enjoyable weekend

The year is midway and with that comes a great urge to relax and recharge as often as possible.

A relaxing weekend is the perfect way to reenergize for the weekend and since it is World Cup season, a lot of pre-planning may be required for one to have a great time.

Here are ways you can choose to have a relaxed weekend and reenergize for the remaining half of the year;

1. Sleep – Ensure you sleep in for a few more hours this weekend. You will be amazed how those extra hours will make you feel more energized when the week starts again. Create an interruption free environment with your phone off, curtains drawn and no TV to be able to catch those extra hours.

2.Try out a new recipe – Cooking is therapeutic and good food is definitely relaxing. Try out a new recipe that will guarantee a gourmet meal that you would otherwise not have made in the house. The outcome and the fulfillment will work to ensure a relaxed start of your weekend.

3. Hiking – Outdoors can as well be relaxing as long as you choose a very natural environment to hike. Ngong hills have for the longest time been the preferred hiking venue for most Nairobians but Nature Trails through Karura Forest and Aboretum can equally be relaxing.

4. Spa – A spa treat will do wonders to a fatigued body. Enjoy a body scrub, massage, pedicure and manicure at a spa preferably with a garden and you will walk out a relaxed person.

5. Long drive – Drive to an unknown location towards Nairobi’s outskirts with a friend while enjoying some good music and laughs. You can even have a sleep out at the destination where you end up and the randomness will ensure you let loose.

6. Internet detox – Switch off your data and wifi and you will be amazed at how not following updates on the happenings will relax your mind. You can choose to read a book, watch a movie or listen to music instead.