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Sixteen-year-old pilot on a world record breaking flight

Sixteen-year-old Mack Rutherford has been flying around the world in a bid to break the current world record of the youngest person to fly solo around the globe.

Speaking to Nairobi News at Wilson Airport on Wednesday, the young pilot said that he was excited to be in Nairobi as he had always wanted to visit Kenya.

Rutherford hopes to inspire young people and show the world that young people are capable of reaching extraordinary heights.

“My inspiration comes from my passion for flying and also the motivation and support I receive from family. My sister has also greatly inspired me since she is currently the youngest female to fly across the world,” said Rutherford.

Being still a teenager, one would expect him to be balancing between school and his dream to fly across the world. However, Rutherford said at the moment is mainly focusing on flying.

“It’s quite difficult. School right now is not really working for me. I’m going to have to catch up on it some other day.  But all in all, it’s worth it to be out and living life,” he said.

“I want to show that young people can make a difference. You don’t have to wait until you’re 18 to do something extraordinary. Just nurture your dream and you’ll get there,” he added.

The young pilot said he has 25 more countries to visit and before he completes his journey across the world.

“My hope and current goal is to finish this trip successfully. There is no end game. You just keep flying and doing it while loving it without placing a limit. I have 25 more countries to fly to including Zanzibar, Madagascar, Seychelles, UAE, India, Mexico and Canada,” he said.

If successful, Rutherford will become the youngest person to circumnavigate the world solo in an aircraft. This title is currently held by Travis Ludlow who was 18 years old at completion of his attempt last year.