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Size 8 comes of age with Afadhali Yesu single

Just like a majority of gospel songs, Afadhali Yesu is a blend of Swahili and sheng. The lyrics takes one through the highs and lows of the singer. The chorus is a catchy and addictive “Afadhali Yesu, Afadhali Ye Aliye Na Yesu” that keeps you nodding to the song.

The Beats:
Afadhali Yesu has a catchy beat that will make you nod to the rich bass. Jacky B, the audio producer, made the African drum beat prominent with a distinctive guitar in the background. The audio is not clustered with useless sounds and effects.

The cinematography of the video done by Sammy Dee of True-D Pictures is almost flawless and tells the story beautifully well. The storyline starts with Size 8 preparing for a big concert and as she steps on the stage she faints. She is rushed in the hospital where she somehow transforms into a metaphysical state and looks at her life. Good video, good storyline.

The overall message in this 3.51 minute song is that those who believe in Jesus Christ are better off in dealing with life’s challenges. The song’s lyrics and beat helps in delivering the message well.

Size 8 continues to prove that her switch from secular to gospel music did not tie her down. Her performance of in the video masks the fact that she shot the video while pregnant. Full of life and good delivery of lyrics coupled with good screen presence makes Size 8 one of the best female musicians in the country.

Nairobi News rates Afadhali Yesu at 4/5.