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Size 8 in trouble over her stand on DK Kwenye Beat sex scandal

February 1st, 2019 2 min read

Gospel singer Size 8 has been slammed by Kenyans online for standing with fellow gospel artiste DK Kwenye Beat, who has been accused by a woman of infecting her with a sexually transmitted infection HPV after having a threesome.

Newly ordained evangelist Size 8 decided to take matters into her own hands by seeking the Furi Furi Dance hit maker to record an interview where the singer appeared remorseful for his actions.

The video, which was shared by Size 8 on her Instagram page, shows DK Kwenye Beat explaining that he is not a perfect man but that has been doing his best to become a better person.

However, what has irked Kenyans on Twitter is how Size 8 was quick to ask the public to forgive and forget what DK Kwenye Beat has done without considering what the woman accusing him went through.


So scathing was the bashing that Size 8 was forced to disable the comment section on Instagram.

DK Kwenye Beat together with singer HopeKid have been on the headlines after a Nakuru woman narrated on social media her sexual encounter with the two singers.

She claimed that she was first contacted by HopeKid on social media in November last year and after flirting for some time, she travelled to Nairobi to meet the singer – with plans of having sex.

She alleges that HopeKid took her to DK Kwenye Beat’s house in Donholm, Nairobi where they all had sex, an initial encounter that would ultimately culminate in her contracting the STI.


On Twitter, this is how Kenyans reacted to Size 8’s video.

“Size 8 told us to forget accept and move on. As if we were eating meat with them,” tweeted Disgusted Tweep.

“Size 8 could have used this as an opportunity to start a discussion about young girls being sexually abused by men of the cloth who hide under ‘the devil made me do it’ but instead she defends them. This is why victims of abuse choose to remain silent,” said Willie Wandie.

“If there is one thing this Size 8 drama has taught us, is that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done. Just blame Satan,” wrote eddyashioya.

“I’ll start a sanitizer product business and name it Size 8, cleaning the mess that even JKL cannot.” Commented Adam Maina.

“Size 8 amesema ati anataka kutembea na huyo dame in this journey at the same time ati she is also working with DK and HK to road ya recovery… cjuui anataka aje?” asked Jamal Kimani.