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Size 8’s latest single ‘Ni Yesu’ finally out

Gospel singer Size 8 has failed to live to her high standards in her new hit Ni Yesu released on Friday.

The gifted musician lowered the bar with the lyrics and sound of the new hit but scored highly on video production.

Unlike her previous hits that carry a strong and unique message and sound, her latest celebratory mood dance song brings nothing new to the industry.

Ni Yesu celebrates the goodness of the Lord living up to its purpose with the singer and dancers dabbing but fails to communicate to the audience.


Size 8 has in the past wowed many with her lyrical prowess but in the latest hit she repeats the same stanzas over and over.

The singer has been on a break as her last single before Ni Yesu was Afadhali Yesu which became a song of encouragement to many in times of tribulations.

She has, however, collaborated with various artists during her break and has been advising youths through short clips on her YouTube channel.