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Size 8: I gave away my car and everything secular to get saved

By THOMAS MATIKO October 20th, 2017 2 min read

Kenyan gospel musician Size 8 has revealed how she gave away her car to receive Christ when she got saved.

Size 8, who started off as a secular musician releasing hits that established her as one of the top tier female artistes, rebranded to Size 8 Reborn after getting saved.

In a recent interview, the sassy lass who got saved in 2012, the same year she got married to DJ Mo, said that she had to make major sacrifices, including giving away some of her valuables she had earned from secular world.

Size 8, whose marriage early this year was  rumored to be on the rocks with allegations of infidelity, said one of the things she had to let go, was her car which she gave a friend, a decision that annoyed her husband.


“When I started in the secular world I had to let go of a lot of things because I didn’t get them from the right channel. So I was given a test to see if I will let got those things and follow Christ. The book of Mark says whatever you leave behind to follow Christ you get 100%… So everything that came with Size 8 I had to let go… I took my car, log book, keys and called someone and told them ‘kujia gari sahii, log book na keys before I change my mind… The funny thing the only thing I did hold on to was the money but it went all with my moms’ treatment. I wished I had taken it to some children’s home maybe I wouldn’t have gone through what I had to,” Size 8 said.

The singer also credited her current success in life, including several endorsement deals,  to that act of giving everything she acquired during her career in secular music and starting all over again.

“My husband was angry and wondered why we wouldn’t have sold the car and bought another… So when people see him driving a good car we have really sowed. Every time you give there is a reward,” she said.