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Size 8 opens up about almost losing scholarship due to ‘Aluta’

Gospel singer Size 8 has candidly revealed the challenges she faced during her school days, sharing that her party lifestyle almost cost her a scholarship to one of Kenya’s top international schools.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, the mother of two reflected on her journey from Statehouse Girls to Hillcrest school and the transformative impact of her experiences.

Size 8, affectionately known as Mama Wambo, disclosed that despite coming from a humble background, she secured a scholarship to Hillcrest School while at Statehouse Girls.

However, she encountered culture shock upon joining Hillcrest, finding herself amidst students from affluent backgrounds.

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Her studies suffered as a result, putting her scholarship at risk.

“All my life, I was seriously born again. That is what held me not to turn against God. I would turn around and see poverty. My drive was to help my father get out of poverty. My mum trained us, his girls, to be independent and not to rely on men to succeed,” Size 8 shared.

Reflecting on the transformative moment that led to her scholarship, she recounted:

“I got a full scholarship after we won a play. In the crowd was a teacher from Hillcrest, and we got a scholarship with Edith Kimani. I was also very smart in school. I used to perform very well.”

However, Size 8’s life took a turn when she entered Hillcrest, encountering a lifestyle vastly different from what she had known.

The school’s affluent environment exposed her to a world of privilege, where students arrived in helicopters and luxury cars.

“I saw a small boy being dropped to school in a helicopter. I used to see students coming to school with Range Rover. It opened my eyes, and I saw things I had never seen. Drinking water from the dispenser? Tap water was for washing hands. I loved the fact that God gave me that opportunity to see life in that perspective,” Size 8 explained.

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Despite maintaining her commitment to her faith, Size 8 acknowledged succumbing to the allure of the party scene, jeopardizing her academic standing.

Concerns about her grades led to a wake-up call, prompting her to reconsider her priorities.

“I almost lost my scholarship. I was called because my grades were going down. I was advised to work hard. I reduced the partying,” Size 8 admitted.

She went on to share a pivotal moment in her life when financial constraints prevented her from pursuing a scholarship opportunity to study in England, leading to a period of spiritual crisis.

“What made me leave God is after my 13th year, I got a scholarship to go to England, but my dad was not able to raise my school fees, and that is when I left God completely,” she revealed.