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Size 8 opens up on her battle with blood pressure

For the first time, Gospel minister Size 8 has opened up on her journey fighting high blood pressure.

The mother of two was recently admitted to the hospital due to her health condition. Speaking on their family YouTube channel, she revealed that she was first diagnosed with the disease in 2015.

The Afadhali Yesu singer mentioned she found out about the blood pressure after she collapsed in town and had to be rushed to hospital.

 “Since 2015 January I have had health issues and I never shared that side of my life. I remember I once collapsed in town and I was told my pressure was too high. I have been on medication for a long time and I have been in and out of hospital since then,” she said.

Narrating her experience, Size 8 stated her situation worsens when she is pregnant.

“This battle is difficult and it’s worse when I am pregnant because when you have high blood pressure for a woman, pregnancy is life-threatening. We have been through that with Mo (her husband DJ Mo) and it has been tough,” she added.

The couple has lost two pregnancies in the past due to preeclampsia, pregnancy complications characterized by high blood pressure, and signs of damage to another organ system, most often the liver and kidneys.

“I have lost two pregnancies, the first baby (my second born) was only 12 weeks and the second had clocked five months and two weeks,”

“We didn’t get any explanation when we lost the first baby. The doctors could not find its heartbeat. The baby had stopped growing, and we were told it was a blighted ovum.” She said in a previous interview with Healthy Nation.

The condition has been challenging, and at some point, Size 8 started slipping into depression.

However, she is grateful to God, family, and friends who have been with her through the journey.

“Everything you see us achieving since 2015 is by the mercies of God. I would have given up completely. One day, I told my husband that I was almost giving up. He told me I must keep fighting. I used to lock myself in the room since I was physically sick and my heart was giving up. I used to have a headache and I couldn’t even play with my kids.”