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Size 8 reveals life-altering struggles with difficult pregnancies

Renowned gospel singer Linet Munyali, better known as Size 8, has opened up about her struggles with high blood pressure, which led to a miscarriage in 2021.

Reflecting on her difficult journey, she shared a photo of herself in the hospital and wrote, “Looking back at this day, 2 October 2021. I had just lost a 5 months of pregnancy, also lost all hope of any future pregnancies, and I was battling for my life, almost losing my life due to extremely high blood pressure.”

Size 8 credits her faith in God for helping her persevere through these challenging times: “For sure only the hand of God brought me out of all that and also God graced me with a heart to press on and go on with life.”

She now uses her experiences to emphasize the importance of appreciating life and glorifying God.

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In the past, Size 8 has revealed that she and her husband DJ Mo do not plan to have more children. Throughout her four pregnancies, she faced life-threatening complications, including preeclampsia and high blood pressure.

These conditions resulted in the loss of two of her babies before full term and left her paralyzed on the left side of her body during one pregnancy.

Speaking with vlogger Nicholas Kioko, Size 8 shared her decision to focus on her health and God’s work instead of having more children: “I don’t want a baby, that is now not for me. I have no plans at all because healthwise it is a threat. My blood pressure has been a major concern for me. My focus now is on doing the work of God.”

Size 8’s journey has been filled with both joy and heartbreak. Despite her love for children and desire to have a large family, she has had to prioritize her health and well-being.

“By the way, I love children very much, if it was up to me, I would have up to 10 children. But I pray to God that he helps me heal so that I can stop taking medication to normalise my blood pressure,” she said.

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