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Size 8: Why I still wash DJ Mo’s boxers

Gospel singer and preacher Size 8 has sparked a debate with her recent revelation that she personally handles the laundry duties for her husband, DJ Mo, including washing his boxers.

The mother of two shared insights into her domestic practice, explaining that even after a decade of marriage, she continues to wash her husband’s innerwear as a means of uplifting his spirits and affirming his identity.

“For over ten years of our marriage, I’ve been the one washing my husband’s boxers. It’s not about being submissive; it’s about boosting his confidence and reminding him of his worth,” Size 8 expressed.

The couple was speaking on their reality TV show dubbed, “Love in the Wild”.

Size 8 and DJ Mo marked a significant milestone in their marital journey in 2023, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary with heartfelt gratitude and expressions of faith.

In a collaborative social media post, the couple extended their appreciation to the Almighty for guiding them throughout their journey together.

“As we celebrate our 10TH MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY today… 🎉❤️😍 We are immensely thankful to God for His unwavering grace and guidance. With faith, we look forward to many more years of love and companionship! ALL GLORY TO GOD… 🌹♥️🎊 May His blessings continue to enrich and sustain your marriages as well, in the name of Jesus, amen,” they shared.

In a previous episode, Size 8 discussed the profound challenges she has faced, leading her to consider ending her marriage.

“I reached a place where I felt hopeless, where I saw a point of no return, and I think depression kind of kicked in. So I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t see a way out, so I decided to call a divorce lawyer and told him I want to divorce, I want to take the children, so I asked him to start considering the paperwork,” Size 8 shared.

DJ Mo, on his part, expressed his shock upon learning of Size 8’s decision to consult a divorce lawyer through a WhatsApp message.

He admitted to being perplexed, unsure of what actions had triggered such a response from his wife.

“When I found out about the lawyer through a WhatsApp message, she told me, ‘I’ve gone to see a lawyer and I’ve written this and that.’ I told her okay, we will talk about it. I was left wondering what I had done,” DJ Mo said.